Underdark Gazette

Underdark Gazette covers the news, events, and publishing going on in the OSR world.
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Original Edition Fantasy

Original, as in the paper leaflets originally distributed.
Latest Blog Post: The Nightmare Realm of Baba Yaga - Endless Quest

Uhluht'c Awakens

The blog of Dan Proctor creator of Labyrinth Lord

YAGS - Yet Another Game System

Yet Another Game System is a universal system. But the main setting is a fantasy gaming setting. There are rules for playing classic Traveller too. Distributed under the GNU/GPL.
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Aeons n' Auguaries

A practical blog of tips and tricks for playing old school RPGs.
Latest Blog Post: Colorizing Carcosa, Part III

Olivia Frank

Writes original fiction.

The Savage Blogger

Traditional gaming enthusiast, Mark Siefert
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Gods And Monsters RPG

Gods and Monsters is a FREE as in FREEDOM RPG distributed under the GNU/GPL copyleft license.
Latest Blog Post: The Adventure Guide’s Handbook

A Paladin In Citadel

An old school gaming blog
Latest Blog Post: PACG Session Post-Mortem

Character Sheet

CharacterSheet.net is a custom charactersheet for online or off-line usage. Has a dice roller with history attached to your character.

Bat In The Attic

He really did have a bat in the attic.
Latest Blog Post: The Rise and Fall of Roleplaying campaigns.


Grognardia, old school gaming blog of James Maliszewski
Latest Blog Post: Imagine Magazine: Issue #6

The Sand Box of Doom

The sand box of doom, the web blog of the "Judge".
Latest Blog Post: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Players Handbook

The Grey Hawk Grognard

Crusty ol' guy talking about crusty ol' games.
Latest Blog Post: By the Lords of Kobol, I would buy this!

Labyrinth Lord

Very good replication of the world's most popular table top RPG.

Traditional Gaming

A group of gamers dedicated to getting other gamer's butt in a seat for a game.
Latest Blog Post: Our debt to the Wizard of Chicago

Basic Fantasy

Want to try a table-top fantasy RPG game that's fun, easy to learn, and sticks to the Gygaxian tradition? Try Basic Fantasy.

Daddy Grognard

Classical fantasy gaming blog.
Latest Blog Post: Team Adventure - Fun and Fungus

Timothy The Cat

Look at the cute kitties.