GOOP Gallery 3 Drupal Demo

I'm continuing to test GOOP Gallery 3 for portability. This time I tested it as a Drupal 6 Module.

GoopGallery 3 Update

Been hard at work on GG3 added several new features this week. Getting ready for a first alpha/beta release.

Goop Gallery 3 vs Goop Gallery 2 a Comparison

I've not yet published a list of shtuff to be included in GG3. So here it is...

Minor two day site outage explained

Minor two day site outage explained

GOOP Gallery 3 Watermarks

Added dynamic watermarking from a source png file to GOOP Gallery3

GOOP Gallery Controller for CakePHP

GOOP Gallery 3 is very portable and can easily be integrated into you existing application. Here's an example of how to use it in CakePHP.

GOOP Gallery 3 -- A Second Demo

I've uploaded recent changes to GOOP Gallery 3 code to the demo space.

Goop Gallery 3 -- A First Demo

Progress is being made on GOOP Gallery. I hope to have an alpha release soon. Here's a demo GG3.

My brother-in-law broke his neck in four places

My brother-in-law broke his neck in four places in snowboarding accident. He needs your help.

Testing Regular Expression With PHP

Regex can be fun. Sorta... Here's a script I use for testing my regular expressions from the commandline.