GG3 Development -- XMLHttp

In keeping with my goal to keep GG3 state of the art and high performance I am adding to my list of goals...

Goop Gallery 3 Development

I've begun work on Goop Gallery 3. It promises to be a true OO experience.

PHPEdit: IDE Gone Bad

I'm sorry but I can't see why anyone would use this horrible IDE.

Goop Gallery 2.0.2 Released

Goop Gallery 2.0.2 has been released to fix a few more minor bugs reported.

CNR is free for all *spire users

In a suprise move made CNR free to all *spire users.

Goop Gallery 2.0.1 Bug fix release

GG 2.0.1 fixes some minor bugs, adds documentation, and detects GD.

Freespire Tips: How to get Synaptic working

Getting Synaptic working on Freespire for Linux noobs.

Move over Ubuntu here comes Freespire

The new Freespire while a bit behind the times has a bright and competitive future.

Ubuntu :: Breezy to Dapper

Just updated my Breezy install to Dapper. Went smoothly.

Bash Maintenance Nirvana

Automating backups on a shared host is snap.