Pathfinder at Character Sheet?

So I've long thought of having Pathfinder on Character Sheet.

What I Mean When I Say "Clone"

What I mean when I say Character Sheet is a clone ...

Open Source CharacterSheet?

I'm the developer, designer, and planner of character sheet. Its come along way but ...

Developing PHP on A Mac

Been working on mac at work these past few months. I finally settled into a development environment I can live with.

The World Of Ternae

Found this awesome fantasy writer who is working on a fantasy novel in the Tradition of Tolkien.

I Don't Always Test My Code ...

LMAO -- testing code in production

Three Months of AD&D In Review

After three months of running AD&D what do I think?

Call of Cthulhu D&D Style And Character Sheet Update

Been a way from my keyboard for a while, but I'm feeling better and am read to go.

Before Tolkien ...

Ever wonder where the inspiration for much of our fantasy role playing comes from?

Expanded Basic Edition Combat Rules

Expanded basic edition combat rules, well maybe.