Day One Gary Con II

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20 Mar 2010 08:23:53
Category: Gaming Conventions

Gary Con is a small con held in the honor "of the father of roleplaying games" E. Gary Gygax. It's held once a year in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. It's a small con only 200 can attend each year. This year Frank Mentzer, Robert Kuhn, and few other luminaries of the early rpg days are present.

Day one was lots of fun. In the morning I played "Wings of War" a WWI table top strategy game where you are a WWI ace pilot in a dog fight in the skies. Only problem was I wasn't much of an ace. In the hour that the game lasted show how I didn't get a shot in.

In the afternoon I joined an AD&D game. The module "The Cabal King", run by Jason Cook, had embeded references to games or things Gygax had created in his life time. We found a barrel in which at the bottom was some "polyhedral" dice. And of course the map of the dungeon had the intials EGG in it.

In the evening I picked up a game of "Marvel Super Heroes" which I hadn't played in years. The DM, Chad Parish, ran a great game. Chad and his frieds have started the "Dead Games Society", a society for the promotion of out of print games. Dead Games Society has some forums and a website. Head on over and register on their forums and Chad says that makes you a member.

That was it for day one, I'll be headed back tomorrow for day 2.