Developing PHP On A Mac Part 2

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09 Jun 2011 06:38:00
Category: PHP Development

Because I said I would, here's the details of what I consider the perfect development environment on a Mac. I'm not going to try to give you every detail. All I can say is that it beats the hell out of Mammp/Yammp/Lammpp/ZCS. The one thing that might be daunting is how to get ubuntu up and running. If I get enough comments I might post an appliance to download.

Go Get VirtualBox. Before you download it start your download of Ubuntu. Here's where we separate the developers from the code monkeys. If you don't know what to do with Linux, consider stopping here. If you downloaded the Ubuntu Server, not the desktop edition, and during installation you pick LAMP you'll find setup easier. Make sure you install the ssh-server package so you can access your vm from your mac term.

Next go get MacFuse. Install it and the sshfs binary. The directions are there to for mounting your vm file system when you are ready too. There is also Mac Fusion that can help you mount your file system.

In VirtualBox open the settings for your vm. Click on network. Enable network connection 2 and then bind it to "localhost" only in the dropdown.

So start up Ubuntu when its up type ifconfig in the terminal. The IP address to the virtual box will show up under eth1. Open your Mac term and ssh on to the VirtualMachine. That's the gist of it. Good luck setting up your dev environment.