Freespire 2.0 aka LinKubuntu

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08 Aug 2007 07:34:31
Category: GNU/Linux

I've posted here before about Freespire. I was excited when 1.0 came out. It took them along time to get the second release out. They originally promised it with in a quarter of 1.0 release. They're 8 months late.

Second is anyone really interested in Lin-Kubuntu?

Third. Freespire is not Free as in freedom. It's free as in beer. Once you start using it you get hooked like crack.

Lets say you buy software via CNR. You can't install it in any other way than CNR. The first time you install and buy something via CNR you're hooked. You'll never be able to use that copy of CrossOver, Win4Lin, Star Office on any other computer without putting CNR on it first.

The Freespire folks like to say that it gives you the Freedom to choose proprietary software for use in GNU/Linux. Um... That's funny. I think they're depending on a bunch of people who have no idea what free software is to buy into this malarkey

I went to download the iso to boot it up live. I know I should have my head examined. They only had a bit torrent download available and the seed was dead! There was no direct downloads available. I can only guess this is because they want you to drop some dinero on Linspire 6.0 -- the non-free-as-in-beer version.