Freespire 2.x

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23 Feb 2007 10:12:32
Category: GNU/Linux

Let's see the folks at Freespire promised a December release of Freespire 2.0. But as November rolled around it became early 1st quarter 2007. Okay so the first quarter's not over yet. Still they haven't released another alpha/beta for a long time. So if they're making progress it's slow and incremental. This isn't the first time *spire took a long time with a release. 

Linspire 5.0 took for ever. If I remember right it was 9 months of delays. Granted 5.0 was worth the wait. But by the time it was released KDE was already out of date. So I'm expecting a rash of delays and waiting this time around too. I'll be suprised if Freespire is out by October of this year.

The good news is that the next release will be built on Ubuntu. Maybe just maybe that'll help the folks at Linspire speed up their development.