Gods and Monsters :: The Monk

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23 Jul 2010 07:08:03
Category: Gods And Monsters

Gods and Monsters offers a fresh perspective on an old character class, the monk. Unlike Dungeons and Dragons, monks are not exclusively martial artists. Gary Gygax in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual describes monks as "monastic aesthetics who practice vigorous mental and physical training in order to become superior." In contrast, Jerry Stratton in Gods and Monsters Rules, describes the monk as "a master of the powers of the mind." He continues, "Monks are deeply intune with their own mental and intellectual abilities." The monk is not a warrior but a psychic who wields the power of mind to enhance and manipulate the physical and the meta-physical.

The Gods and Monsters monk can spend verve points to unleash their psychic energy having spell like effects on the out come of a the game. Some of these effects include: Heal damage, harden skin, increase jump, stun, sense the future, travel distances ala dimension door and create illusions.

God's and Monsters does leave the door open for further development of the monk character beyond this initial description of a psychic hero. Each character has a "specialty". Think of someone you know. They probably have one or two things that sets them a part from others you know. Maybe they are good at music, art, or writing. This is a specialty. And within the game of Gods and Monsters you can take martial arts. But monk characters don't have too. There are plenty of other specialties that would enhance the character of a monk: Nature Friend, Animal Form, Familiar, Scholar, Alchemy, Vigilant Sleep, Animal Companion. So while the inital image of a monk is that of a buddist in a monastary, the end picture can be so much more.