Gods and Monsters - Moral Codes

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19 Aug 2010 08:10:28
Category: Gods And Monsters

Update, Jerry Stratton has posted an excellent follow up to this post here

Gods and Monsters RPG uses a very clear set of "Moral Codes". In comparison to Dungeons and Dragons' assorted explanations for "alignment", I found the explanation in Gods and Monsters more accessible and understandable. When I got done reading I knew immediately: I am Chaotic Good.

You can read the rules for Gods and Monsters online. Here's the moral code.

In Gods and Monsters there are four moral poles: Good, Evil and Order, Chaos. And there are combinations of each: Ordered Good, Ordered Evil, Chaotic Good, and Chaotic Evil. Making in total 8 possible moral codes. If you include "Unaligned" there are 9. This is very similar to Gygax's lawful/neutral/chaotic/good/evil spectrum. There isn't anything called "neutral". But Good, Evil, and Unaligned are a close match.

It's hard for me to imagine an unaligned person. Perhaps a small child or magical creature? Or a Druid...

Jerry Stratton's approach to explaining the moral codes through historical and fictional references made it very clear how these moral codes relate to real life things. After reading the descriptions, the whole thing "clicked" for me.

I have just one question. The rules state that you do not have to choose a moral code for your character. Does this make you unaligned? Or are you ignoring moral codes altogether for the purposes of the game. I'd assume the later, moral codes are an optional element of the game?

Player characters in Gods and Monsters cannot be evil. And that's fine with me. A game where players could take on evil moral codes would surely end poorly for all.

What moral code do you adhere to?