Goop Gallery 3 vs Goop Gallery 2 a Comparison

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12 May 2008 09:03:19
Category: GOOP Gallery

Here's one of those dumb comparison charts where everything beneficial is not found in a previous version of a product. Duh.

Feature: GoopGallery 2: GoopGallery 3:
Localized Caching no yes
Watermark from transparent PNG no yes
PHP 5 OOP no yes
Modular yes yes
PHP Templating no yes
Image Coments (Exif) no yes
Uses SPL no yes
Portability -- easy to integrate into existing apps no yes
File System Caching no yes
Clean URLS no yes
Base64 Url Obscurity no yes
MVC architecture no yes
Configuration Options less more
Nested Galleries No Yes

* shiz I have yet to do.