GOOP Gallery Taking A Back Seat

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20 Dec 2008 01:16:02
Category: GOOP Gallery

I've been working on and off again on GOOP Gallery since May 2005. I'm canceling the show. I won't pull the source from the community. You will still be able to check out the source which I've moved to Google code. But I'm not going to be working on it actively. I haven't been working on it for at least a year anyway. I've just gotten bored with the project. It's been a good run. And I've learned a lot from it. But I'm more then ready for bigger things. I'll start phasing it out over the next couple of months. I've already hidden the active release packages on Sourceforge. It's been a fun run. I hope it has been helpful to someone. If you found it useful let me know.

On another note I'm moving after Christmas Day to Madison Wisconsin where I have accepted a job with a new company. I'll be working on an E-Commerce project as a Senior Developer. I'm looking forward with excitement to the new challenges this new project will bring.