I want Linux Dad!

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29 May 2007 08:55:42
Category: GNU/Linux

If you thought Linux was for the tech savvy and computer literate think again. For the last two weeks my son has been asking me repeatedly to install Linux on our Windows machine. "I want to play Super Tux and TuxKart. When are you going to put Linux on the Windows computer." He would tell me repeatedly.

So this weekend I got some time to download and install Linux. Edubuntu seemed to be the only choice for this job! I got Edubuntu installed on the machine and my son spent a good part of Memorial day playing Super Tux, TuxKart, Chromium, and other fun for kids Linux games. But he wasn't the only kid who enjoyed Linux.

My out-law-in-laws were over with 6 kids. All of whom played these games and enjoyed themselves. The best part is that Edubuntu is free. Free as in Freedom: download and install it for your kids. They'll enjoy it.