Modular Module

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21 Aug 2011 01:54:27
Category: RPGs

What is a module? According to the dictionary it is:

a separable component, frequently one that is interchangeable with others, for assembly into units of differing size, complexity, or function.


In RPG's we know it as those 30 page saddle stitched books with maps. After that it gets a little loose, you have everything that from the truly modular to the truly rigid and over planned.

I'm thinking of putting together an adventure(s) that truly emulate the idea of a template or a module something that can truly be dropped into any campaign. Instead of long back stories or histories it would have suggested plot hooks. Instead of railroad scenarios it would have complete NPC details and motives. I'm thinking of a totally different kind of book that extends the concept of a "module" defined by early classics like "Keep On The Borderlands" and "In Search of The Unknown", but structured in a complete different manner.

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I like it!

Posted: 21 Aug 2011 16:05:03

badger2305 says:

Very cool idea, and very much "Old School" in design and approach. Exactly the sort of thing I would look for in something to use.


Posted: 21 Aug 2011 16:18:43


This is the next organic step in adventure content. Awesome.

Even the classic TSR modules weren't really modular enough...

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