Open Source CharacterSheet?

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28 May 2011 07:51:04
Category: RPGs

I'm the developer, designer, and architect of CharacterSheet. The goal of CharacterSheet is to create a better than "Obsidian Portal" clone that is free to use in every way.

The project, started nearly 2 years ago, has become quite stagnant due to many personal issues I've been dealing with.

In the interest of keeping the project moving forward and to accomplish the goal, I'm thinking of releasing my entire code base under the GNU/GPL so we can all have a platform to play our beloved games (all of them) and have an electronic way to keep and share our characters.

So if you are a CSS designer or a PHP Developer are you interested in working on CharacterSheet? Over 20,000 lines of custom code have already been written. This isn't a start from scratch project. CharacterSheet was written with CakePHP on the back end. So if you are interested in joining a fun and thrilling project please contact me.