Progress Report on Site Redesign

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08 Dec 2006 12:11:25
Category: Site News

I'm on my third day of redesigning this site. Things are moving forward. I am rewriting the site's procedural code base implementing PHP 5 object oriented code and design.

I'm through most of the application setup. This includes the creation of a single global object registry. This registry will hold just a few objects: db, request, and system variables.

I'm still planning to use SQLite as the principle data store.

In further reading today I found out that SQLite locks the db during writing procedures. This makes user submitted comments a little more difficult to achieve with out having the possibility of collision. While it is true that a site would have to be very busy to experience this problem, even one user losing their comment is not acceptable to me.

My remedy for this is use a combination of flat files and SQLite. User submitted comments will go to a moderation que and to flat files. The administrator, blog owner, will approve or reject these comments. Either way the file gets deleted and the comments, if approved, added to the SQLite DB via the administrator.

This will eliminate the concurrent user problems associated with SQLite, limit the time the DB is locked, and assure that submitted comments get recorded.

Which brings me to another concern.

I don't believe I'll allow more than 10 users to the system. These users will be admins and writers. Anymore than that and you'd be looking at concurrent writing issues.

More on this issue tomorrow...