Return to Zylarthan's Tower Part 5

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14 Sep 2010 08:42:44
Category: Labyrinth Lord

Ever get stuck in a dungeon quagmire? Monsters coming out of nowhere bind you from making progress? Well that's what happened in tonight's Labyrinth Lord game.

Tonight we didn't do the right thing and go after the escaped hobgoblin right away. Instead we wandered a bit and got bit. Rust monsters came at us and robbed us of valuable resources and time. Traps took there toll as well.

By the end of the night the party finally decided to go after the hobgoblins but by then they had dug in. In a 30x30 room with a stair way leading up, the hobgoblins rolled a very large barrel of oil down the stairs. The barrel burst open. Then they proceeded to light the volatile oil on fire. We barely escaped.

So we retreated to a safe room, a room previously cleared with only on known entrance, only to be assailed by a yellow ochre slime.


It was a fun game night. We implemented a different set round procedures that encouraged more strategy. I hope next time we move into some more rigid calculations for movement. I think movement rules are a key component of the game. Having tin can armor isn't always advantageous and you can't experience that difference with out movement rules.

Been busy of late, what with a new job and all finding time to post has been difficult. Yes there is life away from the table.