Rush: Caravan and BU2B Release Day

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02 Jun 2010 05:41:41
Category: All About Me

Clockwork Angels

Rush Caravan Clockwork Angels


Two new Rush Singles. Yup, Rush Release Day. They don't come often but when they do ... heh heh, I don't miss them.

The two new songs are Rush at it's best; complex time signature changes over syncopated rhythms and wailing 70's style solos. These two tracks, Caravan and BU2B remind me a lot of Alex Lifeson's solo album "Victor". Alex Lifeson Victor At least the guitar style does, and that's where that comparison ends. If your favorite Rush album was Hold Your Fire, you probably won't go for this one much. However if you loved Hemispheres and there more recent albums, Vapor Trails and Snakes and Arrows, you'll be loving this one too.

Lyrically, I wish they would go back to their science fiction and fantasy themes. But I can't complain, the songs are well composed and you might even find your self singing along. The song caravan is quickly memorable,"nananananana dahdahdahdahdada, I can't stop thinking big.".

Alex's guitar playing continues it's layered approach, way more then one man can play. It'll be interesting to see how they render these songs live. Anyway they'll be playing these two pieces on tour this summer. Got my tix.