Stallman: The Guy Who Made My Job

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18 May 2007 09:14:35
Category: GNU/Linux

We owe a lot to those who went before and laid the ground work in whatever field of endeavor we embark on. I want to express gratitude to those who made my career possible.

I finished school at the end of 2002. I graduated from a technical school, top of my class, in the field of Commercial Art and Graphic Design. I went to work. My first job was print. But it soon evolved into web design and then web programming. My first job gave me the opportunity to explore. So I did. At any rate by circumstance I was thrown in to Linux -- a word at the time that meant nothing to me.

Richard StallmanOvertime I learned to use GNU/Linux. I learned PHP programming. I developed my own GNU/GPL software - GOOP Gallery. I started using the GNU/Linux operating system on my desktop at home and then at work. I got a second job and now a third. My full time job involves working with various GNU applications and programs.

There's a lot of people I could thank for getting me this far. Especially those who helped me directly the most. But there's one guy who's refusal to accept proprietary software in 1970's who paved the way for what I do for a living today.

Who is that guy: Richard Stallman. The founder of the Free (as in Freedom) Software movement.

So the next time you meet someone who tells you that there is no work for GNU/GPL developers you tell them that's not true!

Who would you rather work for, the guy who looks like Jesus or Frankenstein's Monster?

I mentioned in a previous post I had installed Mepis on my laptop. Here's the screen shot:

Mepis 6.5 Screen Shot