The Hobgoblins Are Cornered

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05 May 2010 09:46:48
Category: Labyrinth Lord

Tuesday nights I have a regular Labyrinth Lord game. We've been crawling around Zylarthan's Tower during several sessions. You can read about our harrowing adventure here.

Did you read the link?

Well we decided after several weeks of avoiding the tower to again try to take the hobgoblins down.

These hobgoblins are still trying to get us to pay them. We found a box with a slot on the top with a sign "U pay now". They just won't surrender.

  • The hobgoblins sent shadows after us. Which we have so far narrowly avoided.
  • They herded fire beetles at us. Which we just walked away from and closed the door.
  • They trapped a door with contact poison in which my character Grollan nearly died.

Despite their best effort we made it to their barracks. The hall leading to the barracks was filled with caltrops, and was so far protected by a Ballista and two hobgoblin gaurds.

The party attacked the two gaurds with arrows. Of the three arrows, two connected. One was still up, when Kyle the halfling thief stepped around the corner and slung a stone and took out the final gaurd.

We now have the upper-ballista.

But now there is a new door. Which we're pretty sure is trapped. Hopefully the dead one's have a key.

Next game is in two weeks...