The Hobgoblins are Sacked!

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18 May 2010 08:47:42
Category: Labyrinth Lord

So last time we had taken down the hobgoblin guards and their ill conceived ballista they had set up in front of their guard room in Zylarthan's Tower.

We searched the guards' bodies and found the key to the door behind the ballista. Entering, we were finally at the guardroom.

While we stood outside the door arguing how we were going to go about entering, a few of the bumbling hobgoblins came out the door. The last thing those four saw was a small halfling with a very large sword. We dropped all four in a single round.

Entering in to the guard room, we found three more hobgoblins with two captives. We had two more players at the table tonight.

The rescue was on. Grollan was ineffective as usual, flying in, sword swinging, and connecting with next to nothing. Kyle on the other hand unsheathed Troll Biter, his sapient sword, and slew 2 of the hobgoblins in total.

Eventually we were down to one hobgoblin and a captive priestess. The party distracted him while the party Assassin sneaked around behind and sliced him into sandwich meat.

We looted the hobgoblin chest and headed to the exits with our two new companions "Ill Tempered Humor", the half-giant ranger, and a priestess -- whose character name I've forgotten.

On the way out, the best moment of the evening was a surprise attack by an Imp who made the mistake of trying to fly off with Kyle. Kyle, of course, had been accosted by Imps before and knew just what to do. He stuck him with Troll Biter and that was the end of that.

On the way out, the Imp made good take out for the ogre Grum.

That's it for Zylarthen's Tower. We probably will not descend into its depths again. On to bigger and better things for the party.

The evening was a blast with lots of great role playing. We had two new players, folks who had never played an old school RPG like Labyrinth Lord. They were able to generate characters and jump into the game within 15 minutes. That's old school gaming for you.