Tom Moldvay's View of "The Rules"

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22 Dec 2011 09:24:18
Category: D&D

While the material in this booklet is referred to as rules, that is not really correct. Anything in this booklet (and other D&D booklets) should be thought of as changeable — anything, that is, that the Dungeon Master or referee thinks should be changed. This is not to say that everything in this booklet should be discarded! All of this has been carefully thought out and play tested. However, if, after playing the rules as written for a while, you or your referee (the Dungeon Master) think that something should be changed, first think bout how the changes will affect the game and then go ahead. The purpose of these "rules" is to provide guidelines that enable you to play and have fun, don't feel absolutely bound to them.

— Tom Moldvay, Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rule Book 1981 Page B3

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