What I Mean When I Say "Clone"

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30 May 2011 09:59:36
Category: RPGs

In my last post I mentioned Character Sheet was to be a clone of Obsidian Portal. Well I didn't actually mean a literal copy of it's functionality or systems outright or anything like to it. Obviously anyone who has used Character Sheet knows this isn't the case. But has it seems to be what everyone knows, I referenced it as a way of communicating quickly the kinds of functionality I intend for Character Sheet.

On Character Sheet everyone is a player, even the game master. Obviously the game master has permissions on his or her game, adding and removing players being one key perogative. But any player can start a game at will. This allows for more spontaneous and social organization of games. Besides everyone who plays the game will eventually run a game too.

Secondly characters always belong to the players and players can leave and enter a game and add or remove their characters. Just like in real life a pissed off player can up and leave the table whenever they choose.

While these ideas are basic around the table, in digital format they get misrepresented in play-by-post, play-by-email, and on other custom systems.

One of the features I'm planning on adding is a forum for game discussion and play-by-post gaming. But to say "forum" doesn't quite describe what I'm after. Imagine player character information, dm notes, recent rolls, and maps at the tip of your mouse in a "game thread." That's where I'm headed with it.

Well anyway Character Sheet is not a clone. It's an all together new thing.