What To Call The Referee?

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24 Jun 2010 06:19:18
Category: RPGs

Every RPG game has a name, monicker, or title for the "referee", that guy that sits across the table from the "players" behind a screen of charts. If you're having fun in a RPG game it's the referee's fault. It's a hard job.

At my Tuesday night Labyrinth Lord game, I called my referee "Labyrinth Lord". My name calling prompted a response from him, "I'm the referee." Which of course prompted an evening of saying "Labyrinth Lord" in different ways like "Labryinth Lawd" and so on. The rules do refer to the referee by this name.

DM or Dungeon Master has become a rather well known and respectable title.

How do you make the abbreviation "LL" an acronym? LOL?

"Gods and Monsters" calls the referee the "Adventurer's Guide". This is a very descriptive name for what the referee does. But the name is a little long. I can't imagine referring to the referee that way for an entire evening. Although "Guide" might be good shortened version.

"Referee" brings to mind sporting events and people I didn't get along with much. Me, I prefer "judge". It carries some respect and the idea of make judgements on the rules. It's descriptive enough of the job. What's your preference?