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Where to Buy Old D&D and AD&D Books?

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15 May 2010 08:07:02
Category: D&D

I'm probably like most old school players who mistakenly sold all their old D&D books when they gave up the hobby. Yup, more important things to do, girl friends, college, dating, careers. A few years back, I wished that I kept it all. Even my dice were gone!

I wasn't going to pay outlandish prices for these old books. I couldn't. I didn't have the money for it, and I was going to buy them all at once.

So here's how I slowly repurchased my books. Hopefully this post will help others looking to rebuild their "loot" as I sometimes refer to it. Yes and I keep my loot in my "treasure chest", a doored-bookshelf with a glass face.

I first started buying AD&D books again for the first time 3 years ago. I stumbled across a few manuals at the local Half-Price Bookstore. I wasn't at the time planning on rebuying all of them, just one or two. The books were economical, $8-12 a piece. I found all the basics there, Player's Handbook, Monster Manual, DMG, Monster Manual 1 and 2 and so forth. It wasn't until I started wanting the complete set that I found some books were hard to comeby.

Many of those hard to comeby books I was able to find through Craigslist. Sometimes you'll find somebody getting rid of their stuff and you can buy the whole lot for cheap. But be careful, you'll find for every good deal there is a bad one.

There were a couple of books that were still hard to find after all this searching. "The Wilderness Survival Guide", "Manual of The Planes", and "Oriental Adventures" to name a couple. For these, I did some shopping on Amazon and found retailers who had used copies that were not charging an arm and a leg.

I've found that many of the specialty shops that sell only old RPG gaming books and materials online tend to over price there stuff. So I'd avoid those like the plague. I've only order once from one of these places, TheNobleKnight. I couldn't find a copy of the Rules Cyclopedia. So I finally broke down and forked out some dough for it.

Overall the number one rule is be patient. Look for deals in local used bookshops. People bring stuff in all the time. Garage sales and Craigslist are good places to look too. To date I've a complete set of AD&D and D&D books. I'm pleased with their condition and overall I think I paid a reasonable price. Happy hunting!

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