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Linux Flavor of The Month

2007-05-14 01:00:00
I'm back on Linux (finally). See if you can guess the flavor?

Freespire 2.x

2007-02-23 22:12:32

Suse Linux and MS: My Thoughts

2006-11-03 20:52:19
We'll after all the buzz about Suse today, here are my thoughts on where it may be going and what it means.

Novell Suse Linux and Microsoft Partnership

2006-11-03 07:58:21
Novell and Microsoft have agreed to a partnership.

Installing Firefox 2.0 on Freespire 1.0

2006-10-27 23:08:55
Installing Firefox 2.0 from the download on Freespire 1.0 is a piece of cake. Here's how I did it.

Kubuntu 6.1 Edgy and Active Directory

2006-10-27 19:34:06
Pleasently suprised at work today at the built in ability of Kubuntu 6.1 to explore a Windows domain.

The Alleged IE 7 vs. FF 2.0 War

2006-10-19 19:35:41
The real battle between browsers is taking place between operating systems not between browsers.

Freespire 1.1 to be Freespire 2.0 Instead

2006-10-10 19:48:09
Freespire 1.1 has been delayed and renamed according to Kevin Carmony.

CNR is free for all *spire users

2006-09-01 23:23:11
In a suprise move made CNR free to all *spire users.

Freespire Tips: How to get Synaptic working

2006-08-11 12:02:59
Getting Synaptic working on Freespire for Linux noobs.