My thoughts and ideas about table top RPG's like Dungeons and Dragons.

What To Call The Referee?

2010-06-24 18:19:18
Every RPG game has a different name for the referee. Ever actually call them that?

Review of GNU/GPL RPGs

2010-06-18 20:36:16
I'm going to review the RPG's out there that are being distributed under copyleft licenses.

RPG Business Model -- Keep it Free

2010-06-17 18:26:14
RPG's ought to be free. They should be owned by the community of players not by a corporation.

What is OSR? Part 2

2010-05-31 18:12:49
So this is a continuation of the previous post what is OSR. In this one I'll attempt to define what makes an "old school" game.

Ye Old School Castle of The Mad Arch Mage

2010-05-28 18:10:16
Learn the true meaning of "MEGA DUNGEON" and read Joseph Bloch's Castle of the Mad Arch Mage.

What is OSR?

2010-05-23 20:23:06
What's osr all about any way? Is it the rules? Is it the age of the game?

Upcoming Release On CharacterSheet

2010-03-16 22:39:49
Got some good things going on for release later this weekend.

Bug Fixes on CharacterSheet.net

2010-03-08 22:39:18
Couple people reported problems in IE 8. I investigated and fixed them.

Updates on CharacterSheet.net

2010-03-06 16:47:38
Had a release today. Filtering, sorting, searching your character list. Oh, yeah you can mark'em dead too.

CharacterSheet Launched

2010-02-27 13:25:55
Today I launched CharacterSheet.