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Labyrinth Lord is a Dungeons and Dragons clone, that adheres tightly to the original game proposed by Arneson.

Return to Zylarthan's Tower Part 8 -- The End

2010-10-12 20:32:11
After one year of bumming around Zylarthan's Tower the end has come.

Return to Zylarthan's Tower Part 7 -- Grum's Story

2010-10-05 21:04:31
Tonight we rescued Grum. Who is Grum? Read on and see.

The Hobgoblins Last Stand

2010-09-21 20:58:35
Nearing the end the players have made it to the Hobgoblins abode ...

Return to Zylarthan's Tower Part 5

2010-09-14 20:42:44
Tonight the party was stuck in a dungeon quagmire.

Return to Zylarthan's Tower Part 4

2010-09-07 20:45:33
Grollan was swing his sword and piercing minotaurs.

Return To Zylarthan's Tower Part 2

2010-08-24 21:08:40
Tonight we continued our descent into Zylarthan's Tower.

Running The Ruins of Ramat

2010-08-21 17:52:04
For the first time in 20 years, I ran a game today. We had 7 players and some pre-generated characters. It took about 5 hours to run the adventure start to end.

Labyrinth Lord: Exploring Zylarthan's Tower

2010-06-07 21:02:42
Another Tuesday night has passed exploring Zylarthan's Tower.

The Hobgoblins are Sacked!

2010-05-18 20:47:42
Yes, in our Tuesday night Labyrinth Lord game, we successfully sacked the Hobgoblins. Here's how it played out.

Of Rot Grubs and Rust Monsters

2010-05-12 18:36:45
Old school RPG monsters are tough little critters whose effect is more potent than damage they do .