Basic Dungeons and Dragons, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, 2E, 3E and "The Edition That Shall Not Be Named".

The Owlbear

2010-06-05 11:42:46
The owl bear, (sometimes compound "owlbear") is one of D&D's most iconic creatures.

Lessons From Playing With Frank Mentzer

2010-05-19 17:40:05
At GaryCon 2 I got an opportunity to play AD&D with one of the game's early contributors, Frank Mentzer. Here are a few things I learned from playing with him.

Where to Buy Old D&D and AD&D Books?

2010-05-15 20:07:02
When I started restoring my gaming collection, I wasn't sure where or even if I could find the books. Here's how I rebuilt my collection.

Replica AD&D Character Sheets

2009-12-06 10:03:46
Found a site where you can download great looking replica AD&D character sheets for free. These look just like the various publications from TSR

How to Buy DnD Miniatures Cheaply

2009-05-02 10:24:37
A couple of months ago I started buying DnD miniatures. The tiny little figures are great addition to your game. Here's how to build a collection on the cheap.

My First 4 Edition Game

2009-03-22 00:10:59
Played my first 4 Edition game tonight... Here are some quick impressions.

My first Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Character

2009-03-14 23:15:47
My review of Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.