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Gods And Monsters is a free as in freedom Fantasy RPG game distributed under the GNU/GPL open document license.

Gaining Experience Through Losing Loot

2010-09-17 19:46:14
In the game Gods and Monsters you get xp for giving your loot away! No joke!

Gods and Monsters - Moral Codes

2010-08-19 20:10:28
A brief review of moral codes for the Gods and Monsters RPG.

Gods and Monsters and An OSR Litmus Test

2010-08-08 14:43:20
What's a good litmus test for an OSR game? Does Gods and Monsters pass the test? Read on to find out.

Gods and Monsters :: The Monk

2010-07-23 19:08:03
The Gods and Monsters monk is a psychic giant able to use the power of their mind to bend reality.

Gods and Monsters :: Verve and Survival Points

2010-07-18 17:16:11
Not to fear your campaign will go on! Death is achievable but not to easy for player characters in God's and Monsters.

Gods and Monsters: Review of Combat

2010-06-20 13:55:05
The first thing you checkout when evaluating an RPG is how combat works. I was happy with what I found with Gods and Monsters.