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Tips and Tricks For Learning The Dvorak Keyboard Layout

2013-01-19 09:17:20
I learned to type with an alternative keyboard layout, here's some tips.

Headlong Flight

2012-04-19 21:20:08
New Rush song from Clock Work Angels

Buck Rogers Vampire Episode

2012-04-14 12:10:40
Came across this today. Still laughing. Sides hurt. Tears ... Ahhahahahaha. So scary!!!

Why Life Matters

2012-01-06 21:34:04
I know, I know this has nothing to do with gaming or coding ...

Rush Time Machine, July 3rd Milwaukee Show

2010-07-04 17:08:51
Rush is back on the road and I was there for the third show in the tour at Milwaukee's Summerfest.

Rush Time Machine Set List Prediction

2010-07-02 16:35:50
What will Rush be playing this go round? Well here's my prediction of the set list.

Father's Day Loot

2010-06-21 18:35:06
Father's day was a good day for the treasure chest!

Rush: Caravan and BU2B Release Day

2010-06-02 17:41:41
Two singles were released today off the upcoming release: Caravan and BU2B.

Rush Time Machine

2010-05-10 21:21:25
I'm getting old, but my favorite band is even older when they go on tour with a name tour name like "Time Machine"

Fanboys Most Memorable Quote

2009-05-22 23:33:46
My favorite quote from fanboys...