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My brother-in-law broke his neck in four places

2008-02-22 00:44:16
My brother-in-law broke his neck in four places in snowboarding accident. He needs your help.

I'm on home page

2007-10-10 17:00:01
I'm on the ZendCon home page.

ZCE::Zend Certified Engineer

2007-10-10 16:35:21
Took the test: passed the test.

Zend Con 2007

2007-10-05 17:38:53
Who's going to Zend Con in San Francisco this Monday?

Ron Paul - The Last Statesman?

2007-06-05 22:32:49
It's rare to find a politician who says what he believes and votes on principle.

Rush: Snakes and Arrows

2007-05-17 01:00:00
Being the obsessive Rush fan that I am, I just had to post my two bits about the new album and the band.

Eragon :: On Rotten Tomatoes

2006-12-17 00:38:14
Is anybody really that suprised that Eragon is getting 11-14% at rotten tomatoes?!?

Bloogers Blog

2006-10-11 18:47:51
I'm not sure if I'll actually carry through with this idea, but I've been thinking about making a PHP5 blog system using SQLite and GOOP Gallery 3.0....

My Day at TechNet

2006-09-28 20:57:33
Tuesday was my second trip to an MS TechNet conference. Here's what I think...

It's a boy!

2006-02-23 00:10:26