GOOP Gallery news, tips, and updates

GOOP Gallery Controller for CakePHP

2008-04-11 20:41:08
GOOP Gallery 3 is very portable and can easily be integrated into you existing application. Here's an example of how to use it in CakePHP.

GOOP Gallery 3 -- A Second Demo

2008-03-29 10:45:49
I've uploaded recent changes to GOOP Gallery 3 code to the demo space.

Goop Gallery 3 -- A First Demo

2008-03-15 14:02:52
Progress is being made on GOOP Gallery. I hope to have an alpha release soon. Here's a demo GG3.

Goop Gallery 3.0 in Active Development

2008-01-17 22:09:06
I am actively developing GOOP Gallery 3.0 and it's coming along.

GOOP Gallery Update

2007-06-06 18:10:17
A problem was reported today in download.php.

New Image Library For GOOP

2007-02-25 22:30:17
I've added the new image library for GOOP.    

GoopGallery 3.0

2007-02-18 23:14:50
Just a brief progress report on Goop Gallery 3.0.

GOOP for Drupal!

2007-01-13 09:08:17
I'm planning yet another release of GOOP Gallery.

GOOP Gallery 2.0.4 Released

2006-11-21 23:55:19
GOOP Gallery 2.0.4 makes having an image gallery on your site a piece O' cake.

GOOP Gallery 2.0.4 Progress

2006-11-21 13:28:49
Just a progress report on the next release...