GOOP Gallery news, tips, and updates

GOOP Gallery 2.0.4

2006-11-19 11:41:36
I'm working on yet another release. This one is aimed at simplifying installs of GOOP Gallery.

GOOP Gallery 2.0.3 Released

2006-10-15 17:55:54
This GOOP Gallery release is a security release. All should upgrade as soon as possible.

Goop Gallery Security Advisory

2006-10-14 01:09:46
Security advisory for all versions of GoopGallery with a download.php file.

GG3 Development -- XMLHttp

2006-09-26 18:55:02
In keeping with my goal to keep GG3 state of the art and high performance I am adding to my list of goals...

Goop Gallery 3 Development

2006-09-25 23:42:02
I've begun work on Goop Gallery 3. It promises to be a true OO experience.

Goop Gallery 2.0.2 Released

2006-09-08 23:27:08
Goop Gallery 2.0.2 has been released to fix a few more minor bugs reported.

Goop Gallery 2.0.1 Bug fix release

2006-08-25 23:48:20
GG 2.0.1 fixes some minor bugs, adds documentation, and detects GD.

Sneak peek :: GOOP Gallery 2.0

2006-04-18 14:04:04
Goop Gallery 2.0 is almost finished.

GOOP Gallery 2.0

2006-04-03 22:37:44
GOOP Gallery 2.0 is coming! I've nearly complete it! There will be a ton of new features!

GOOP Gallery 1.1 Fix

2006-01-27 15:35:47
Not seeing pictures in GG1.1? It's a server memory/timeout issue.