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Various Things

2008-08-30 14:53:41
I haven't posted in a while, so I've got some catch up items to post -- how about a blog built with PHP5 and SQLite?

Minor two day site outage explained

2008-05-07 22:00:35
Minor two day site outage explained


2007-05-10 01:02:51
Check it out I've redone the site with cakePHP!

Progress Report on Site Redesign

2006-12-08 00:11:25
I've made some significant progress towards redesigning this website. How much? Read on.

Comments and Redesign Coming Soon

2006-12-02 20:57:58
This site is about to be changed.

Blog Software Uses SQLite

2006-05-28 10:04:23
Blog software for webGENEius will be developed using SQLite.

Site outage

2006-02-04 18:38:25