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Love PHP

2012-04-13 12:14:14
If you love PHP, show your support by posting a link to the logo In this manner: index.php?=PHPE9568F34-D428-11d2-A769-00AA001ACF42

Along Time Ago In PHP

2011-10-26 12:34:55
You probably have some snippet of code that you worked with a long time ago that reminds you of how far you have come and how far PHP has come ... Here's mine.

What PHP Needs

2011-06-23 22:35:23
Today on Twitter there was a long discussion about what php needs. Here are my thoughts.

Developing PHP On A Mac Part 2

2011-06-09 18:38:00
Part two of setting up your development environment on a mac.

Developing PHP on A Mac

2011-05-23 19:43:53
Been working on mac at work these past few months. I finally settled into a development environment I can live with.

I Don't Always Test My Code ...

2011-04-13 11:15:49
LMAO -- testing code in production

How to Ping Pingomatic Using A XML-RPC Request, PHP, and CURL

2010-05-17 20:41:42
So I looked around trying to find documentation on what a well formed Pingomatic request looks like and what a response would be. Couldn't find it. So I'm documenting it

Debugging Mod Rewrite

2010-05-03 18:37:05
I wish some had told me about this when I was coming up trying to learn mod rewrite.

Generate Random Number with PHP Using /dev/urandom

2010-04-23 21:14:33
I found lots of people on the inter-tubes saying use /dev/urandom to generate a better random number. But couldn't find examples of how this was done. But I figured it out so here's how I do it.

Progress On CharacterSheet

2010-02-15 20:36:59
I'm making progress but had a set back last week.