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A collection of entries about devloping with PHP.

Found Me Some Great Shared Hosting

2010-01-28 22:45:56
Been a long time looking for a host work anything. Finally found me one ...

ZendServer on Windows Still A Piece of Dog Poo

2009-10-30 22:45:16
Been over a year since I tried Zend Server on a Windows Platform.

Framework Woe

2009-02-17 23:09:12
PHP is alive with frameworks... Which one did I choose?

Managing Hierarchical Data With SQLite

2008-11-29 10:14:01
How do you manage and maintain hierarchies in SQLite? Well this is how I did it...

Trying To Be All Things To All People

2008-09-12 21:12:15
Too often PHP free software is alot like a teenager, caught in the middle trying to be all things to all people.

The Problem With Free Software CMS's

2008-08-15 22:06:58
Here's the problem with free software CMS's -- the database.

PHP Implementation of "rolldice"

2008-06-11 23:13:48
I wrote a class that when given a dice string like "4d6" will roll the dice and return the result.

Testing Regular Expression With PHP

2008-01-19 11:00:24
Regex can be fun. Sorta... Here's a script I use for testing my regular expressions from the commandline.

Download Entire PEAR Library With A Single Command

2007-11-20 14:04:45
Here's a command to download the entire PEAR library.

Making A CSV File From MySQL

2007-11-10 12:11:18
Everyonce in a while you may find your self needing to dump your MySQL data into a CSV (Comma Seperated Values) file. Here's some tips.