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How to Use The CHM PHP Manual on Linux

2007-10-06 14:34:26
There is a way to read .chm PHP Manual on linux here's how.

Type Casting Integers With (int)

2007-06-14 19:35:35
Yeah, don't let this one byte you when casting to integers.

PHP Snippet of The Week

2007-06-07 22:34:24
This week's snippet of the week.

The Worst PHP Developers Site

2006-12-14 22:43:41
Now here's a site that wins my vote for most unusable php site.

PHP: Casting Variables aka Juggling Types

2006-11-12 08:57:25
Casting variables to different types, sometimes called juggling, is a useful PHP tool.            


2006-09-29 19:18:58
Yesterday was my first try at Simple Test, a PHP API for testing your code.

PHPEdit: IDE Gone Bad

2006-09-19 00:20:19
I'm sorry but I can't see why anyone would use this horrible IDE.

WebDDM (Drop Down Menus) In My Custom Drupal Theme

2006-06-07 21:52:58
WebDDM (Web Drop Down Menus) are easy to get up and running inside of the Drupal API.

Securing SQLite

2006-06-05 13:50:02
There are some precautions you should take in deploying a SQLite application but don't let them stop you from using this great light weight data system.