Gene Ritter

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Madison, Wisconsin
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Devoted husband and father of four, Zend Certified PHP Developer, and fan of old school RPG Gaming.
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Cave of Chaos

B2 "The Keep On The Borderlands" is one of the most played, most enduring, and classic of old school Dungeons and Dragons modules. It also represents the "do it yourself" spirit of old school gaming. So I've renamed this blog, formerly webGENEius, after the area of the module known as "The Caves of Chaos".

Fantasy Table Top RPGs

Remember those nights of hanging out with friends playing D&D until the wee hours of the morning, or into the next day? Yup, I do too. And thanks to some local friends, I'm having fun gaming again. It's fine if you like the player-oriented, number crunchy, rules-oriented games that line the store shelves of game shops. I've played them. They're not for me and this blog is not about them. This blog is about the old school judge-oriented games of the past (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Basic Dungeons and Dragons, Traveller, Tunnels and Trolls, Empire of The Petal Throne) and present (Labyrinth Lord, Basic Fantasy, OSRIC).

The Tech Behind The Site

I wrote the code and designed the database for this website. This site is an experiment to find out how light weight and yet functional a small piece of software like a blog can be. I refer to it as "Bloogers" and its composed of PHP and SQLite. No framework was employed. The gallery portion of the site is a project on SF that I started early in my career and that I haven't really finished. Alas, projects never are finished; they're just abandoned for more interesting pursuits.

About Me

I graduated from MATC's Commercial Art program in 2002. In 2003 I got my first job as a print artist. My work led me out of print and design into something completely different. I began developing websites at my first job out of school. Since then I've become a Zend Certified PHP Developer and a MySQL Certified Associate. I've also passed the first half of the MySQL Developer Exams. I've worked with 4 different employers and have risen from Junior to Senior status and am currently moving into a management roll.